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Free Hair & Cash Reward

A chance to win $500 bonus!

To get more women to know about Coffy Hair products and quality, we're giving this reward to inspire you to do a real review after buying or using our wig. There are three ways to do this:

1. Comment on our Facebook page post

When you buy our hair/wig or use your hair/wig, you can take some nice photos or record a short video (60secs long, and must be clear) showing the hair/wig and how you feel. After doing that, please give us a review of your beautiful photos/video on our Facebook page update (our FB Page: Coffy Hair). Any Coffyhair post is just all right, neither the Facebook Group nor your own Facebook page). Once the picture/video has been liked more than 50 times, we'll give you $50. When the like hit 150, we'll give you an extra $50. (50 Likes = $50, $150 Likes = $100).

2. Do a review video on Youtube

You can display the hair in a video (at least 180secs, HD definition, and 1920 * 93 / rectangle screen) and upload it to YouTube. The video subject should be "Coffy Hair." Our website link should be placed at the top of the video description box. Once it reaches 100 views, we'll give you $50; if it reaches 1000 views, we'll offer you another $50.When the video is viewed 2000 times, we'll reward you another $100. Lastly, f it hits 10,000 likes, we'll pay you another $300 (one order of several videos will only be rewarded once).

3. Do an Instagram unboxing video

You can make a hair-review video (15-30 seconds, HD definition, and 800 * 800 / square screen) and upload it to Instagram and tag us @coffyshair. Our website link should be inserted at the top of the video description. If it reaches 500 views, we'll give you $50; if it reaches 2000 views, we'll pay you another $50. Once it hit 5000 views, we'll pay you $100, and when it crosses 20,000 views, we'll pay you another $300 (multiple video orders).

Will you like to share your beautiful look with us? Please visit our Instagram page @coffyshair.

If your pictures or posts meet our requirements, please submit a screenshot via email to info@coffyhair.com.

Note: The clearer your image or video, the better it is. False views or likes are invalid.

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