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Q1: Can I ask for a small/large-cap?

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The wigs come with a comb, elastic band, or straps, and our stock size is medium, which is 22.5 inches. However, please take care of the following if you would like to pick the Small / Large Cap for a full lace wig and front lace wig:

I) It is not possible to change our full lace wigs and front lace wigs size. The small size is 21.5 inches for the closure wig / Bob wig / customized wig, while the large size is 23.5 inches. To choose the right one, make sure you know your size.

II) You may need to wait about 5-10 more days if you change to certain special sizes. Please note that to make this exclusive size for you, we will charge an additional $10.

We do not have the cap size for our U-part wigs, but the top is empty so that you can change the wig according to your head size. If you want to inquire about a small/big cap, please add a note to your cart or email us.

Q2: How many bundles do I need for a sew-in?

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1. We need to consider certain things to answer this:

2. Your head size,

3. The hair type that you want to rock,

4. The length you're going to go for

5. Where you would like to be on the natural to complete diva scale (think SZA or Solange)

For a full head sew-in, we suggest a minimum of 3-4 bundles. But the final decision would ultimately depend on three things:

1. The size of your head

2. The hair texture you like to wear

3. The length and the look that you are trying to create

However, if you're still uncertain, consult your best recommendation stylist or feel free to contact us via chat, email, or social media.

Q3: Can I go swimming with a wig?

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Yes, you can swim with the wig.

However, when swimming, we suggest that you wear a swimming cap because the sea's spray or the pool's water is not ideal for your hair. After all, it makes your hair tangle and rough. It's easier to wash it with warm water, hair shampoo, and a hair conditioner after swimming.

Q4: Does your wig come in bleached?

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Our lace wigs are now bleached on the grounds of the guarantee that the hair will not be shed. But if you'd like more bleaching, you can contact us at info@coffyhair.com.

The undetectable full lace wig has a silk layer beneath the lace, so we can't supply it with a bleaching service. This is because we don't want to bleach anymore, but If you wish to bleach the lace yourself or by your hairstylist, you should break off the silk base after receiving the wig. It's a high-quality silk base underneath the undetectable lace wig, you don't need to wear a stocking cap or put a foundation on it until you mount it, and that's more comfortable and natural. A lot of ladies prefer it, that's why we make it look like that. If you don't like the base of silk, you should break it off slightly.

Q5: Can I cut or style my hair?

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Absolutely yes!

All coffyhair products are made from 100 percent human hair, which can be cut and styled as if it were your own; You can darken it, lighten it, lay it to the side or make it shorter, but remember that much like our own hair, the human hair needs a decent grooming regimen to keep it fresh and bright.

Q6: Can I straighten the curly hair?

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Yes, you can do that!

Our goods are incredibly flexible, but it is important to note that the repeated use of high heat will permanently loosen the curl pattern. If straight hair is your favorite style, we recommend that you try one of our straight patterns styled with bundles (for a full head sew-in) or a wig so that all your hair is covered.

Q7: How long will my hair last?

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Coffy hair products will last up to a year or longer with good care (we have some customers who have been reusing our product for more than a year). This is because our hair is 100% virgin human hair. It really does respond to how you take care of it. With regular styling and manipulation, all hair is vulnerable to a bit of shedding and tangling; in that case, it is advised that you should not cut or stitch through the wefts and seal the wefts until you sew.

For curly textures like our Deep Wave Kinky Curly, Collections, DIY, U-part, lace front, full lace wigs, and Clip-Ins, it can improve the longevity and life of your hair. These products allow you to regularly remove your hair for cleaning, conditioning, grooming, and other special considerations. Note that your hair, curly and textured hair needs a lot of moisture, but it doesn't react well to alcohol or heavy product use. For Coffy Hair, there is no need for hair grease or gel globs; a quick co-washing regimen will do.

However, if you notice heavy product buildup, you should treat your hair with a clarifying shampoo followed by a deep condition with a moisture-rich conditioner.

B) Shipment

Q1: For how long does it take to ship the product I ordered?

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Our shipping date takes 2-3 working days.

If the order includes Custom Service such as bleach knots service, Or Ponytail, Or 360 Wig, Blonde wig, U-part wig, or daily customized wig, it will take 2-4 days extra be ready for shipment.

Q2: Which express do you use, and how long can I receive the parcel?

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We use DHL or FedEx. Normally, the package will be delivered within 2-4 business days in the USA but 2-7 days delivery in other countries.

Q3: Can I receive the parcel on Saturday or Sunday?

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Well, DHL and FedEx don't work on weekend s. If the parcel has landed in your city, then you can go to the local sites to receive it.

Q4: Can I use Po.box as the shipping address or billing address?

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We don't accept PO.box (including FPO or APO) as the shipping address; we only accept the physical address as the shipping address. However, you can use PO.box as a billing address.

Q5: Can I change the address?

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If the product you ordered is yet to be shipped, we can change the address for you. But when it is shipped, you will have to pay an additional fee for us to change it. If you contact the courier privately to change your delivery address, we have the right to charge you extra fees. Hence, if you need to change your address, please email us before you do so.

Q6: Can I have a tracking number for my order?

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Normally, we will ship out your order within 24 hours. Once the parcel has been shipped, the tracking number will be available on our website, and we will also send it to your email to check your order status. Otherwise, you can send us an email; our customer support team will attend to you.

C) Payment

Q1: When I pay via PayPal, do I need to have a PayPal account, or can I use credit cards?

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Having a PayPal account is not necessary; you can choose the Pay with Credit Card.

Q2: Which payment methods can I use?

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We accept the payment methods such as Paypal and Credit Card. It is unnecessary to have a PayPal account to make an order; you can pay with a Credit/Debit Card directly. However, If you experience any issues while trying to make a payment, please contact us: info@coffyhair.com.

Q3: would you send me an invoice?

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Yes, we can provide you an invoice; if you want us to do that, please contact us via email or on Instagram.

Q4: Can I change or cancel my order?

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If you want to cancel or change your order, the first you need to do is to send us an email at info@coffyhair.com. However, If within 2 hours after ordering, we can do it for you, but if over 2 hours, they assure you of this.

Q5: Why was I charged an extra fee aside from the order fee?

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We only charge you the amount of your order you placed. As far as the extra charge is concerned, it may be a handling fee charged by your bank related to your card's type or area.

D) Wholesale

Q1: Can I have a wholesale price?

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We are glad to offer you a wholesale price if you are buying a product worth $500. Please send an email to info@coffyhair.com

Q2: Can I be your distributor?

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Yes, we would be glad to partner with you to develop a better business. To become our distributor, please send an email to info@coffyhair.com.

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