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Why Are Bob Wigs So Popular Among Women?

Without a doubt, the hair of a person is one of their most defining attractive features. And for the best appearance, many hairstyles and color options are also available. So, many people can try them, looking different than the others every single day.

However, too much conditioning and treatment to the hair can leave it looking and feeling rough and dead. Aside from that, some people have hair conditions too, and that makes it difficult for them to grow real hair, much less style it frequently. Here, wigs come as a savior, and there are many varieties available.

While, yes, longer hairstyles are a favorite for many, the short bob wigs are surely holding many people's interest now. From top celebrities to regular people, many women are finding these shorter styled wigs very appealing.

After all, it is comfortable and easier to handle, which adds to its appeal to users. Especially in summer, you would want to wear something light and airy. And the bob-styled wigs provide just that advantage and more.

What are bob wigs?

Indeed, bob wigs are a short-styled wig type that is very timeless. Those who want a shorter and more clean-cut look can opt for this. You would find these available in both lace and human-hair types, and you can choose that which compliments you.

You can order them easily from companies like COFFY HAIR who provide many options for those interested. Also, you can choose between the straight or curly stylings too, depending on your preference. But first, you need to check what your face type is like, before choosing a popular option.

Why are bob wigs popular for women?

Of course, after knowing all the ways the bob wigs are useful, you need to choose the right one too. There are many different types of it available in the market, each with its own specifications. Owing to this, it is very easy to choose one that would perfectly suit you, and that is one of the many reasons why women like short bob wigs.

The fact that is comfortable and easy to maintain are some of the other notable reasons. In total, there are many reasons why the popularity of such wigs is visible so highly with women. For a better understanding, the list of them is mentioned hereafter in detail.

1.Bob wigs are easy to maintain and for long

As mentioned above, the bob style of wigs is very simple to handle. Indeed, the longer wig types have a lot of strands and it takes a lot of time to keep it clean. And most of the hair strands can jumble together, leaving behind a tangled mess. For those who are new to using wigs, this is an uncomfortable problem and they have a hard time taking care of it.

So, the bob wigs are a perfect alternative for that. They are not too long and the hair fibers are comparatively shorter, albeit still thick. Yet, it is easier to wear it and open it later without the hair strands tangling complicatedly. And, these wigs last longer too as a result. Therefore, women who are just starting to use wigs prefer these easily manageable styles.

2.The bob wigs suit different types of face symmetries

There are certain face types visible in every person. And based on that, the way the hair frames their face is different. So, you need to notice that for bob style wigs, which suits practically every face type.

Indeed, short bob wigs suit many different face types and shapes. And that is one of the many reasons why women love opting for this style. Anyone can flaunt the short wig style, and women find that helpful. The fitting face types that work with this style are:

Oval- In this face type, the face is longer and proportioned evenly, and bob cut wigs look cool on this style. Depending on what your mood is, you can try different types of wigs like sharp-edged, wavy, etc.

Square- Women with a square face have a stronger jawline and the vertical and horizontal measures are the same for them. And for this, the best options are wigs that end just under the chin, or uneven cuts. Even things like side parts and bangs help this look more.

Round- People with this type of face cut have fuller cheeks, and they are the same size as the forehead. Thus, the face looks more circle-ish. You can wear bob wigs with a round face, as long as it is chin-length or asymmetrical.

Rectangle or oblong- Such face cuts have similar forehead length and lower face length. Plus, in terms of vertical length, that is comparatively longer, giving a rectangle-ish shape. And the bob wigs that go well with this type of face shape are voluminous and shorter styles.

Heart shape- People with this face type have a heart-like shape; broader at the top tapering down at the chin. As long as you wear chin-length wigs and no shorter, you are good. Plus, the fluttery bob cuts are good choices, too. However, make sure that the weight of the wig falls more near the nape of your neck.

3.Bob wigs can fit different head shapes

Yes, as mentioned earlier, measuring the face size is very important. However, so is the head circumference. Luckily, you would find many wigs that can fit easily onto any type of head shape. Some come in small sizes, some medium, and some large. So, you would get the opportunity to choose a bob wig that would perfectly fit you.

Of course, you need to properly measure your head circumference first to know which would suit yours well. For this, use a flexible or cloth measuring tape, and wrap the latter all over the head. Keep the placement starting from the mid-forehead to the skull base. Also, wrap this tape side-wise, and hold it a little above the ears for overall measurement.

If you do not find an option that fits perfectly around your scalp, choose the closest bigger size. Then, you can make some adjustments to make it fit your head better. This is one of the main reasons why women love this type so much.

4.There are many types of bob wigs available

There are some particular varieties available when it comes to styles of bob wigs. Stores like COFFY HAIR include a lot of these types, and you can order one that suits your face and personal preference.

Plus, given the number of options one can choose; that further adds to its popularity with women. Indeed, they enjoy having choices and these diverse looks suit the wearer well too.

So, the basic versions you can choose between are:

Lob wigs- There is one of the most highly-anticipated short haircuts for many women, and that is the lob. Indeed, a lot of the ladies do not like the too-short haircuts but still want shorter styles. For them, lob or longer bob cuts are the exceptions. Not only is it short enough not to trouble you but also long enough to fit into a ponytail. The type of these wigs that women adore is the straightened versions, and they look very classy. Again, if you prefer a wavy and tousled look, this type is a good choice.

Short bob styles- For some women, keeping long hair is troublesome if their hair is weak or thin. And for them, the short bob wigs are a wonderful help, as they appear thicker. Many of the women like a flirty look, and adding bangs to the front adds that. Plus, choosing a bob with highlights would work perfectly for an added attractive quality.

Layered bob wigs- Certainly, you can go ahead with the layered type of bob wigs too, which includes various lengths in composition. Overall, it adds to a more voluminous look. Plus, asymmetrical cuts are very attractive under this, and both wavy and straight options work well.

5.Colored options available in bob wigs

One of the good things about the bob wigs is the amount of variety you would get. And that counts for the colored possibilities too. Indeed, women get the chance to select between any of the given choices, and they are available in vibrant shades.

Thus, you can choose which you prefer; the regular browns and blondes, or eccentric blues and pinks.

6.Bob wigs give a defining shape

A great thing about bob wigs is that it would frame your facial features more accurately. Longer hairstyles look good on most women but accentuate features for only a few.

Nevertheless, shorter styles have a better definition-giving ability, especially ones like asymmetrical bob wigs. They define the face cut well, and women prefer this type because of that.

7.The bob wigs have hair composition variety

You would get the chance to decide between different types of hair quality too. The two main types of wig hair strands are full lace and real hair ones. The former is easier to breathe in, and they are generally the ones that come in diverse color selections. So, whichever you are more comfortable with, buy that.

8.Bob wigs come in many price ranges

Luckily, there are many variations of bob wigs, and many online stores like COFFY HAIR sell them. And many of them have different prices, which make it suitable for a lot of women to buy.

Some stores sell affordable options too, with a good quality build. Before you place an order, you should check out the different features like wig style, color, and cut first though. Thereafter, also consider the material used for it, like human hair or synthetic strands.

Based on all of that, the prices can differ. Usually, the cost ranges between $50 and more. Plus, the ones made of human hair are relatively most costly, and so are colored options. Accordingly, compare everything well and then make your decision.

9.Bob wigs are comfortable

Without a doubt, comfort is a very important aspect to consider when choosing wigs. And bob wigs are one of the most comfortable options available for women to invest in, making these their favorites.

They, and consequently you, do not have to handle the huge amount of hair strands that longer styles have. So, you can wear it more easily and without much effort. Not to mention, they are a better option for warmer climates and seasons too, than a longer wig type.

Therefore, many women choose to buy this instead.

10.Many retailers sell bob wigs with return policies

Women test them on their head first before buying the choice they like. This would not work if you are buying the wigs online, however. So, you need to look for a reliable site that has a return policy. In case the wig irritates the scalp, you can promptly return it. Plus, many sites would allow you to exchange for a more comfortable style too and give refunds.

COFFY HAIR, for example, is one such reliable option that provides many human hair bob wigs. Many other reliable retailers sell bob wigs too, and this availability endears these wigs to the women.

11.Many bob wigs come with adjustable bands

Without a doubt, making sure that the bob wigs sit well on your head is very crucial. If it does not fit adequately into your already-present or bare scalp, it would fall off constantly.

So, use a bob wig that comes with adjustable bands. Many of them come with such attachments and that is something women treasure highly for security purposes. Indeed, you can secure it around your scalp area.

In terms of using a band, the cushion type is beneficial and it is full of a gel substance. Plus, this style of hairband is very comfortable too. Indeed, it sits well on the pressure points and relieves the stress on them.

Of course, you can choose to go ahead with a wig gripper, too. This type of adjustable band works friction along the hairline, and that allows it to stick stably.

Overall, bob-cut wigs are wonderful styles for women to invest in for their style quotient, comfort, and variety. All of that adds to its demand among women. You need to check the ones that are perfect for you and then buy a suitable one for you.

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