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Top Things To Know About Remy Hair

Remy Hair is the most well-made quality of human hair refers to the alignment of the hair cuticle. It is also known as the surface layer shaft of the hair. The most unusual property of Remy Hair is that hair is not processed with the cuticle yet intact and not shredded at all. Remy hair is of top-notch quality hair and looks healthy and shiny. Ladies prefer Remy hair with no mixture of any animal or synthetic hair. The best quality of Remy Hair makes your look entirely change and stylish with no tangle and shedding in the hair.

In the world of extensions, you would hear REMY HAIR's name again and again, and the most mysterious thing about Remy hair that people want to know is that made of human hair or not? It is basically Human Hair, but human hair is not Remy Hair. The world is going to advance day by day, and humans can produce hair in laboratories. Human hair is on another level of perfection, but it takes time to grow as it grows naturally, and those who want human hair but can't wait should not worry now because Remy Hair is there for them. Isn't it a quality trait of Remy that hair gathered in a bunch maintains the cuticle with the hair setting in the corresponding direction from its origin to end? Therefore, it has the ability to provide natural movement, and the hair looks absolutely natural.

Types of Remy Hair:

Hair comes from multiple areas of the entire world but frequently comes from Asia yet represents identical characteristics similar to the hair features from the genuine name country.

Let's have a look at different hair from different parts of the world.

Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian Remy Hair is one of the most famous Remy Hair choices. There are different women out there with many perspectives to look classy with every hairstyle. Yet Brazilian Remy Hair fulfills all the requirements for every woman and gives a perfectly natural look. It is famous because of its all-around features.

There are many color choices in Brazilian Remy Hair like brown, dark brown, black, etc. Women would love to buy this type of Remy Hair containing all the features they want.

Indian Remy Hair

Indian Remy Hair

Wherever you see the Indian Remy Hair in the market, they are definitely Indian human hair. They provide the most hair, and their hair quality is good, but in contrast to other types, the quality of Indian hair is a little less than others. The level of their shine is a little low than the other country's hair. But they vary in texture as they have straight, wavy, and curly hair.

Mostly, Indian hair comes in black and brown color.

Chinese Remy Hair

If you love straight, sleek, and smooth hair, then Chinese Remy Hair is best suited for you. Chinese hair has much rougher in comparison to other hair types. They don't have versatility as they only come in a straight hair texture. So, Chinese hair is not a good choice if you want curls or wavy hair. In wavy and curls, Indian hair is superior to Chinese.

Russian Remy Hair:

Russian hair is best for you when you look blonde and light brown hair shades. Because of its color, it is popular in Europe. Russia is the best donor of hair for Europe, and people love to buy Russian hair when they want smooth and sleek hair with blonde and light brown color. These hairs are mostly thinner than others and high in demand.

Human Hair

Human Hair

Hair has fallen on the floor and remains in the hairbrush, where the hair is collected to make the original human hair. It is much cheaper than Remy Hair, and most of the time, the human hair sold in the market is non-Remy hair. Human hair is supplying in a vast range because ladies would love to buy them too.

For human hair, it is crucial to remove the complete cuticle, and therefore an acid bath is necessary. Because due to the collection method hair each hair cuticle strand leads to be in various directions. It's a whole long process with multiple steps. After the removal process, it is necessary to make the hair shiny, and for this purpose, it is usually soaked into Silicon.

Silicon is the thing that can make the hair look shiny and cover the cuticle left. It helps to increase the volume and weight of the hair so that it would look more attractive. Due to increasing its mass, the price can also be higher as the hair price depends upon the weight, so if the weight is heavy, it sells heavily.

There is a reason why non-Remy hair is not much attractive to buy because its shine depends upon the Silicon, but using shampoo repeatedly diminishes the attraction and sparkle of the hair and hair does not look shiny anymore. The hair will become dull and look poor with the passage of time. Shampoo washes off the Silicon, therefore, this non-Remy hair are not much recommended, and women do not prefer them much.

Difference between Remy Hair and Human Hair:

It's such an eye-catching part about Remy Hair that Remy Hair is 100% human hair, but not all human hair extensions are Remy Hair. There is a difference between Remy Hair and Human Hair, like their collection method is not the same, their supply, quality, and many other things between Human and Remy differ.

Remy Hair is collected in a bunch, whereas Human Hair gathering is a different process as it grows naturally and takes time to grow naturally. Therefore, it has so many differences with Remy.

Remy Hair has high quality, and the source is the donor's scalp. It is the reason why Remy Hair is so expensive because it is long-lasting, and so much effort has been put into it to make it look shiny and sleeky.

If you come online to shop the best extensions for enhancing your look for hangouts or parties, and you find it a bit too difficult to select one, you should go for Remy hair. Because it contains all the features that you want in an extension to make you look beautiful with your new hair. Like, if you feel bored with one color of hair and want to change your hair color with dyes after intervals, you must choose Remy hair, as they are 100% human hair, so Remy never fails while dyeing. If you are a working woman and have to wash your hair every day, you can wash it off, and it does not lose the shine. Whereas, if we talk about human hair, they are dipped in silicon, and when you wash them daily, silicon reduces by shampoo, and the shine goes away.

For Remy Hair, you can make whatever style you like to make or whatever suits your hair, but if you look into human hair, it can be twisted and tangled so, the hairstyle won't look beautiful like Remy Hair.

Therefore, all the differences show that Remy should be preferred and present the best results with its long-lasting and shiny/sleek feature.

Remy Human Hair Extensions:

Remy Hair extensions the chicest hair with a smooth and shiny look that moves naturally, and the buyer should not wait for any growth, etc. Because it is managed in a way from the giver, that does not allow it to go in the rough direction, but it moves in the same direction, and the hair cuticle remains aligned. Going in the same aligned direction simultaneously with the collection does not let it tangle and keep it intact.

So as a woman, what's your priority? To look best in every way- Right? What if your makeup is perfect, but you still do not look good? It's because you need to do your hair too- and when it comes to hair- REMY Hair extensions are what you need!

Remy Human Hair extensions are one of the best things famous in the women's world as its 100% Human Hair and therefore look best when wear. It ranges from an individual donor to a miniature less, stripped or cut, orderly from the scalp. Another advantage of Remy Hair is it never loses its shine when you wash them as they are 100% human hair. You can do whatever you want to do with it- you can cut them, you can dye the hair, you can make whatever style you love to make. Even if you want to straighten the hair, you can because it has nothing to do with the heat and never gets damaged, just like your natural hair can withstand heat.

Another perk of Remy Hair includes that the cuticle remains intact and never lets it tangle, which means it protects the lock and makes it shine more. Who is the girl who does not want sleek and smooth hair? Everyone, so do you! Remy never fails to provide you perfect look with sleek hair. So what are you waiting for? Get a pleasant gaze with perfect Remy human hair extension and slay the thing.

Types of Human Hair Extensions:

Human Hair Extensions are considered as the best extensions as it has nothing to do with the chemicals and the shine left longer. No chemicals, perms, coloring process occur for it.

There are two different types of Human Hair Extensions so let's have a look at both!

Single Drawn human hair extension:

Single drawn extensions come from a single donor, and it is a little less in quality in contrast to double drawn hair because it has several lengths. If you want straight natural hair, go for a single-drawn human hair extension.

Double Drawn human hair extension:

Double Drawn human hair extension is gathered up and assorted out of the same length hair by producers. It takes more time as compare to single-drawn, and it is costly.

Advantages of Remy Hair and Disadvantages of Non-Remy Hair:

The Remy Hair looks attractive because it moves in the same direction, and its cuticle remains intact. It's not that the cuticle of non-Remy always doesn't remain whole, it might too, but it moves in a different direction that makes it look a little flawed. The flow in an unusual direction doesn't make it remain smooth and sleek like Remy Hair. Another flaw of Non-Remy Hair is that it does not gather from the donor's scalp- yet collected from various sources makes it look a little off. Not only from different sources but sometimes involves fallen strands. The floored hair and the hair left in the hairbrushes usually lost their shine and look rough. Therefore, ladies normally do not move forward with Non-Remy Hair. Whereas Remy Hair comes from the donor's scalp, and it is how the grade of the hair increases from Non-Remy Hair. Non-Remy hair can easily get tangled and twisted, and therefore its lifespan is less than the Remy Hair. The tangling of hair never lets the hair shine. It does not look attractive as Remy Hair looks. Of course, those who want extensions have the goal to make their looks best than others, but if the hair gets twisted and does not remain sleek, no one would want them thou.

In Conclusion

Remy Hair is purely human hair and consists of so many features that make it worthy than others. All the types of women can buy Remy Hair, no matter what they want straight, wavy, curls, dyed, or whatever they want!

Of course, every woman desires to look beautiful and unique from other women, and it does not matter if they are at a party or a job or on the hangouts with friends. They try hard to look the best out of all and goes for makeup, but makeup also fails if their hair does not look good. They don't need to worry about it because REMY is there for them.

You are looking for hair that doesn't lose its shine? You can shampoo Remy every day yet, Remy Hair won't fail to give you a shiny look. So, if you adore hair, Remy hair is the only solution that provides you the hair you want, with dyes, streaks, or anything you would like.

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