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Things to consider buying wigs online

Need to know what wig to buy online?

Need help with buying a wig online? Over scrolling and reading information that doesn’t make sense?

First of all, welcome to a simplified wig buying guide, written by a professional hairdresser. I hope to give good quality advise for your purchase so you can get the best wigs for you! There are soooo many different things to consider when purchasing a wig. With the internet full of all kinds of information, how do you know what's best for you??

I’ve joined forces with coffyhair.com to help you make the best decisions when buying a wig. coffyhair.com ONLY sells human hair wigs. None of this synthetic business, so you can be assured good quality wigs.

Coffyhair.com wigs - Lace fronted, headband, bobs or bundles and closures?

lace fronted wigs

All over the internet are lace edged wigs! It's no wonder this beauty secret has recently boomed since they blend so beautifully and seamlessly look natural. We have lace front wigs for the ultimate natural effect when wearing you wig. This lace mesh at the hair line helps blend super naturally with your edges giving a more realistic look. Some of the knots that attach the hair to the base are slightly bleached to give the effect of individual hair strands. The lace has baby hair around the edges just like your natural hair and the mesh allows you to pluck out hairs if you would like the hair line to fade out a little more. Also, once the wig is applied and your lace is glued or taped down its seamless giving an authentic looking hairline!

Headband wigs

We do a selection of headband wigs if you prefer not to be faffing with them hairlines! With the attached head band, it beautifully hides that seam where the wig sits on the hairline. This means you don’t need to use glues, a nice temporary flexible solution (you can still use tapes if you wish for something more secure) Also there great for your first wig, you can test out the look feel and Maintenance for a day at a time. They come with an adjustable strap to give the best fit to your head shape. The headband is a nice soft feel on your hairline and helps avoid using any glues to bond it. Giving you great flexibility on the type of application you like- plus you get a super cute hair band to accessorize your look.

Bob wigs

Wearing a wig doesn’t mean you have to go super long! We have a really stylish selection of bob wigs in different colours and textures. There all lace fronted wigs for a beautiful natural look and they look great on someone wanting to rock an edgy style. And there great for you guys that like a lower maintenance wig - Less tangles and more style please!

Bundles and closures

Bundles and closures are a cross between hair extensions and a wig. The closure is designed for the top part of the hair. It mimics a natural part with bundles for the underneath sections. Coffyhair.com has some really natural looking pieces. This application method requires skill to apply and It can be applied yourself but I feel this method is for the more experienced. Usually corn rows hold the underneath sections in place and there tied/sewn it... meaning it’s a little fiddly to do on yourself. If you like this method but don’t have the skill to apply, you could buy the hair for a skilled hairstylist to put in.

What you need to know about wig caps

There's soooo much to read out there when it comes to wig caps. The main thing you want to look for when buying a wig is the lace fronts. Without this the join can look completely un-natural and an obvious wig. The lace is delicate and gives a beautiful seamless effect. Also, an adjustable strap and combs so the wig cap will sit securely when worn. Also check out the measurements just to make sure the fit is right for you.

Wig hair style advise for your needs.

Now you know a little about the wig caps, let's get onto the fun part – your wig hair style!! The great thing about owning a wig is you put it on and your hairs done! Who doesn't want more time and to look amazing? There sooo many wigs out there so what look is best for you?? Length, thickness and colour are all important to consider.

Wig length guide

Lengthwise a lot of you guys buy wigs to have a length that you would never achieve growing your own hair. I’d like you to make sure that you're spending your money wisely and investing in what actually suits your looks and personality. I find taller people may need to consider going longer, for better proportions. And if you're not so tall maybe you don’t need to opt for that super long length!

Also, recently fashion has seen more midi-length and longer bobs. Sometimes I think going these styles are great for those feeling conscious about wearing a hairpiece like a wig. There not so obvious as there quite an achievable hairstyle naturally. It may not be a huge jump from what you were already given and give you the confidence to try another longer wig in the future. Check out our bobs section, we have a wide variety of textures and colours.

Another factor you should consider is your personality – weirdly this can help you choose what's right for you. Longer lengths will require more regular detangling and brushing and keeps looking beautifully smooth, whereas shorter styles are less maintenance. So, if you like me – and a bit of a lazy one I'd probably go for less length on your wig. If you're not afraid of a bit more commitment than longer lengths are for you!

Wig style

Then we got your wig style to consider. If you have a small face and small features maybe you don’t need the thickest piece- you don’t want to be drowned out by too much hair! For those of you that feel you have a wide face – opt for long lengths/layers wigs to soften features and avoid blunt straight bangs/fringes. Also don’t forget- these can be cut by a professional. Find a well-experienced stylist to tweak you do if you can find the EXACT style you want.

Wig colours

After that colour! Wigs are such a fun way to experiment with colour without damaging your natural hair. You can opt for the guilt-free blonding and colours that don’t fade! Saving you time and money again- no lengthy appointments at the salon. Or expensive treatments trying to rebuild the condition of your own hair. Giving it a real break from chemicals. Coffyhair.com has got it covered – literally.

Fair pinky skin works better with tones that soften the redness in the skin. so neutral or golden brunettes, golden blondes and golden reds. If you have more warmth/yellowy skin undertones strawberry blonde, beige blondes, ashy blonde, cool browns or rich brown. And then dark skin tones, If your more warm/ golden think mahogany and copper – darker than you skin tone. And for cooler dark skin tone with a pinky blue undertone think black, icy brunettes and cool reds/violets.

Luckily balayage has opened up playing with hair colours that wouldn’t necessarily suit your skin tone. You can have the top a tone suited to your skin- and play with colours on the ends!

So have a good look through the wigs to select something that works for you!!

Wigs textures

Curly wavy or straight wigs?

Wig texture can vary between curly wavy and straight. So long as the hair is human hair it can be styled with heat. However, I wouldn’t recommend regular styling of wigs away from the chosen texture. wigs have delicate attachments to the cap. Meaning you don’t want to pull or put too much tension on it. Over styling and too much tension will cause it to loosen. So, you want to use a texture you will regularly wear. Rigorous blow-drying and pulling hard on the hair with irons regularly isn't recommended. This doesn’t mean you can't do that; it just means less often, not every day – and be gentle!

Curls - We love em’ really beautiful and natural. We have a range of curls and there great to spray and go!! Tight curls can be really difficult to manage if you don’t know how... brushing curls can create too much separation and cause frizz. Curly hair is best combed damp with a wide-toothed comb and with a curl crème to hold the definition. Then left alone in a position to completely air dry. Once bone dry you can touch it again but remember – no brushing!

Waves - I find a great option for the best of both textures. You get the natural volume, and smooth hair at the same time. Wash it and leave it with no worries about styling. We have ALOT of different types of waves! So, if your wanting deep volume waves or loose waves we got something for you!!

Straight - We got silky straight and we have a textured feel. Textured is great for those of you that like more volume and prefer a packed out feel to the hair. Whereas silky gives that shiny smooth appearance and the hair sits a little skinnier.

Wig hair types

What is Remy or virgin?

What do these two terms mean? You see it everywhere and sometimes both offer to be the best quality. So, what's the difference?

In my years of experience as an extensionist, there is a reason we should pay attention to these terms. REMY hair is hair that is facing the correct direction that the hair should flow. Yes, your hair has a right way up. And for good reason. The outer layer of your hair has little scales that face downwards called cuticles. These protect your hair; light reflects off them for shine and is responsible for the rough or smooth feel of your hair. If the hair is the incorrect way up, it can be damaged whilst brushing. The hair cuticles can open and knot and interlock. This can cause breakage and make the hair hard to work.

Virgin hair is also an important term. Virgin means its untouched. So, no chemical treatments like dyeing, lightening, perming and straightening. I like virgin hair because well it’s the most natural you can get. And colouring isn't such an issue. It will be strong and healthy because the hair hasn’t been messed with and also, it's kind of nice to not mess with harsh chemicals. They can't be good for the hair or the environment, right?

There is no right or wrong between the two. You just have to pick what's best for you!


So, when buying your wig is best to have in mind your budget. A rule if the wig/ hair extension world is that if you spend a little more, you get a better quality. Also, we do have different options for different budgets so, have a good look and find what's best for you. One thing you can be assured id quality for your budget. We do not offer synthetic hair – its all-real human.

Wig aftercare

Love your wig!! Keeping your wig in its best possible condition requires spending a little time and effort on it. As we're sure you will. Keep the hair detangled regularly. Use professional quality conditioning products, heat protection and refrain from doing wacky colour changes! Store it away nicely when you're not using it and if it needs a little extra love put a conditioning treatment on it.

And finally

Thanks for reading our wigs guide. I hope it helps you make the right decisions for you. Leave us some feedback on your purchase, and remember to love your hair.

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