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Dissimilarities Between Silk Closure And Lace Closure

The primary aim and objective of wearing hair extensions and wigs are to acquire a natural-like look. Most of these weaves are used during the winter period to mostly keep the natural hair secure from harsh weather and elements.

Several people prefer to use sew-in weaves and hair extensions as a way of getting a protective styling.

These protective stylings can be made of lace closure, which helps to provide extra protection that blends naturally while providing a natural-looking scalp.

Almost everyone knows what closures and frontals are all about, but a lot of people do not know the dissimilarities between lace closure and silk closure.

Before we move on to the main difference between lace closure and silk closure, let’s discuss what closure is all about.

What is a Closure?

A closure is a piece of fabric that has a circle shape, which has pieces of hair attached to it that are used to complete an installation by being put on top or side of the hair.

It's used to give your weave a more natural appearance. The main purpose is to prevent any parts of your natural hair from being left out.

A closure is used to keep one's natural hair safe and healthy.

What is a Lace closure?

4x4 Lace Closure

A lace closure's foundation is made entirely of lace, with hair strands inserted into the small openings. Lace closures are typically thinner and lie flatter, resulting in a far more natural-looking hairpiece.

The single strands of hair are tied to the base of the lace in an ear-to-ear lace closure. It does have a natural appearance. Lace closure will give you a natural look. Lace closures are common among customers.

What are the pros and cons of a lace closure?


  1. When placed against your skin or beside your real scalp, it gives the impression of a scalp.
  2. It ensures a perfectly effortless installation, giving your new hairstyle a realistic appearance.


  1. To produce the best outcome, the lace closure would need to be tweaked.
  2. It's better to bleach the knots in your lace closure to remove the matrix's grid-like effect.
  3. Bleached knots will look like individual hair strands emerging straight from your scalp.
  4. If your lace closure is not bleached properly, you run the risk of damaging the lace and the hair.
  5. To make the lace look more natural, apply concealer to it.

What are Silk base closures?

A silk base is used to make a silk base closure. For the silk closure, there is a layer of silk in which different strands of hair are concealed, as well as a layer of lace.

Since the knots are hidden in the silk layer, they are no longer apparent with silk closures. As you can see, this certainly gives the impression of a scalp.

What are the pros and cons of a silk base closure?


  1. Closures with a silk base appear to last much longer.
  2. Bleaching is typically not needed for silk base closures.
  3. Since the silk fabric backing on the closure hides the knots, you can mimic the scalp without making any significant adjustments.


  1. Although the silk portion helps to hide the knots for a natural scalp appearance, not all scalps are created equal.
  2. If you have a darker complexion and a darker scalp, you can change and also tint your silk foundation.
  3. This type of closure is usually thicker, which can make achieving a perfectly flat installation more difficult.

Dissimilarities between lace and silk closure

  1. The Foundation: Knots in silk base closures don't usually need to be bleached, unlike lace closure. The knots are not evident due to the silk material on the closure back, and it closely resembles the scalp without requiring many adjustments.
  2. The Color: The lace of hair bundles that deal with closure will come in a variety of colors that is very useful in ensuring that what you get matches the color of your scalp. It cannot be overstated how important it is to make your sew-in look as natural as you can. Even though the lace of closures can come in a variety of colors, they are always very translucent, allowing you to see whatever it is laying on.
  3. The Design: Silk closures have a design that makes the hair device look natural and just like your real scalp. The silk fabric below is perfect for using a closure as the final piece of your hair installation. However, since this form of closure is thicker, it can be difficult to get a perfectly flat installation.
  4. Material: Lace Closures are made from thin lace-like fabrics, like Swiss lace, which is what we market. Silk Closures are composed of a thicker material that makes it harder to see the natural scalp below and gives a more natural appearance to the scalp.
  5. Cost: Part lace closure is less expensive, but it can require more effort. The silk-based closure is more costly since it is made of silk. Virgin hair is used in both lace closure and silk closure.
  6. Longevity: Another factor to look at is longevity, which a lot of people agree that the silk closure lasts longer than the lace closure.

Which of the two closures is the best?

The best closure out of the two is the one that seems to you to be the most natural. Enable an expert to perform a quick consultation to determine which closure would be best for your hairline, head form, lifestyle, and the look you're trying to accomplish.

In the event that you're still hesitant about putting on hair bundles with closure, let your stylist weave your hair into a special pattern that will allow you to detach the closure without removing the whole sew-in.

In Conclusion

The ultimate function of a silk closure and lace closure remains the same, despite the various variations. They're used to give you a "perfect and natural" appearance. They can be used to minimize the amount of discomfort or harm that wearing installs with parts of your hair left out does to your natural hair.

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