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Before You Buy Transparent Lace Wigs, Read This

“Why is the transparent lace wig so popular?” Well, you should know that a few things are more important than diamonds to a girl, and one of them is flawless hair.

A girl wants to be able to move her hair back and forth like the Willow Smith song, without someone knowing that it is a wig. She also wants to be able to style it in just about any pattern without bothering about the lace.

Next to ‘contacts or real’ the next best question for a girl is ‘is this a wig?’ Because she wants it to come off as natural as possible, and this is what transparent lace wigs offer--naturality at its best.

However, before you hit the ‘move to checkout’ option on that online hair site for your transparent hair wigs, here is all you need to know about transparent lace wigs

What is a transparent lace wig?

A transparent lace wig is made with a piece of transparent front lace closure, placed at the front of the wig, with three or four bundles of human hair at the back. Usually, the size of the frontal lace is about 6 or 4inches in width and 13inches in length. If you want a short parting, you go for the 13x4, while a 13x6 will be just perfect for a long parting.

When a transparent lace wig is worn, the lace completely creates full coverage on the front of the hair, creating a completely new, natural hairline for you. Every strand of hair is knotted into the hole by hand, and this is why the hair can be moved back like your natural hairline.

The lace melts into and adopts your skin color when it is glued in, such that no one can see or tell that it is on. When you first look at it, you immediately assume that it is for women with lighter skin tones, but after it has been affixed to your head, you who is the wearer can barely tell that you have it on. It is just as the name implies, transparent, and undetectable.

How long do transparent lace wigs last?

The lifespan of your transparent lace wig is dependent on two things--the quality and the care. When you purchase high-quality hair, you are looking at an 8 to 12 months lifespan. Well, all of that won’t matter when you do not properly care for your transparent lace wig. A human hair will have a long lifespan, it is after all-natural.

Transparent lace wigs vs medium lace wigs, which one is better?

A medium lace wig fits into scalp color instead of skin tones, it comes in a brown shade that is to fit into the scalp color. However, while it may adjust fairly to the skin tone, it has to be bleached to give a flawless natural look. Some people have to use their foundations to create a blending effect between the lace and their skin tones, this however defeats the purpose of the blend. To buy a medium lace wig, you have to check your scalp color to be sure that it fits.

With transparent lace wigs, there is no bleaching required as the blending happens immediately after the fixture. Unless you want to go through the process of bleaching the lace before you use it, go for transparent lace wigs, as they save you a lot of stress.

The undetectable nature of the transparent lace wig makes it easier to use, and the better option between the two. You want to move your hair back without worrying that your lace is of a different color. The transparent lace wig offers you a flexibility that medium lace wigs would not offer you.

How to take care of transparent lace wigs

While a transparent lace wig is natural at best, it needs constant rejuvenation, it needs delicate care if you want it to last as long as we said above. When you do not take care of your transparent lace wigs, despite constant usage, you will look at your hair one day, and it will no longer be fit for use.

The following steps would show you how to take care of your transparent lace wigs

  • Get everything you need--a bowl of warm water, conditioner, mild shampoo, a towel
  • Wet the hair with warm water( Do not use cold or hot water)
  • Add mild shampoo to the warm water, and soak the hair in it for a few minutes
  • Rub the hair lightly and create a lather. Do not use a brush, just run your fingers through.
  • Rub in a hair conditioner (recommended by hair vendor), and leave to rest for a few minutes
  • Rinse in warm water until clean
  • Cover the hair in a towel to dry. Do not squeeze or drag, just fold gently, and tap dry for residue drips.
  • Leave under open air to dry. Do not use heat, or leave under the sun for long.

These steps would help you take care of your hair, however, if they seem too much, do not hesitate to take it to a hair salon. Have professionals handle the care of your transparent hair wigs if you cannot find the time needed for the care.

Some basic hair-care rules for transparent lace wigs include styling properly (ask a professional for help), storing somewhere dry, preferably on a dummy, and using only recommended products on them.

Next to shoes, the best thing you should have on as a woman is your hair. Your hair has to be perfect, almost flawless, from the lace to the frontal and the entire bundle. You should be able to turn necks 360 when you walk by with that great hair. Of course, all other lace wigs are just fine, but since we are looking for perfection, transparent hair wigs are your best bet. Now, that you know all there is to know about transparent lace wigs and some more, go back to that site and proceed to checkout. Cheers!

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